Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click is always changing, one should intend to adopt the upcoming changes in terms of customer choice, campaign settings, and platforms are updating regularly. THINK EZ SEO brings you the updated approach to competition this digital market.

Pay Per Click is a broad term not only encompass Google Ads but also includes Social media ads, Remarketing, Shopping and YouTube ads.

PPC Marketing Strategy

To tailor a PPC marketing campaign it's hard to believe, but it's true for you, we will research your business, industry division, competitors etc. At that point would we be able to work with you to build up a strategy that will deliver the right outcome you require.

How We Implement

We will work to convey that technique by working out your current campaigns or setting up new campaigns.


We'll guarantee you're targeting the most proper keywords and not wasting money for unnecessary clicks. We utilize complex techniques guaranteeing you cover the full search terms while maintaining a strategic distance from the keywords which aren't right for your business.

Adcopy Writing

We guarantee your adverts are firmly engaged to the group keywords and landing pages; with a solid call-to-action and consistent testing we can ensure you're getting the correct click at the low cost you could pay.

Ad Extensions

Ad expansions have turned into an indispensable piece of the Pay Per Click campaigns. Ad extensions change your text and give you the chance to emerge, over your rivals. In case you're not utilizing ad extensions in the present, then you're losing a lot.

Shopping Ads

We'll enable you to set up, optimize and manage your shopping campaigns and product posting ads to sell your stock. Our experience encourages us to guarantee the product with the right keywords will get more sales.


Without the correct data, optimizing a Pay Per Click campaign would simply be a one in million guesses, so primary things we do is to ensure the Tracking is set up appropriately, giving every one of us the data we have to improve the records going ahead. With this data we can configure what are the keywords are performing and to which keyword bidding is more and at what time.


Progressing optimization will constantly refine and center the campaign to push the execution limits. Tender loving care is the key; A somewhat higher active visitor clicking percentage in this Ad gathering, a marginally bring down CPC on this catchphrase – everything means have a gigantic effect.


We create reports which cater important understanding into what's going on with your PPC campaign. What we've been really going after, what we've seen your competitors doing and how your paid search is performing against the key strategies.

At THINK EZ SEO we ensure your business growth with our latest PPC marketing techniques to drive more leads. Our years of expertise and an efficient team supports you to achieve your desired results.